Concept... Planning... Trailways!

From small ideas come great creations, and IDS Global has the expertise to develop your skecthes to pathways.

Underground... Locating... Utilities!

IDS Global has emerged as a leading small engineering design company for quality, cost effective (SUE)

Computer... TECHNOLOGY... Innovation!

IDS Global has BONDED field certified construction crews and supervisors who are OSHA Safety Certified.

Roadway... Design... Transportation!

IDS Global's highway design and QA/QC managers provide PDP Certified oversignt for PFPR/FFPR geometry,

Erosion... Protection... Environment

IDS Global construction division provides erosion contron Best Management Practices and certified field

recent wins


IDS Global has been contracted to provide Utility Locating Services to the Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority (MARTA). The contract is for the location of MARTA Utilities.

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IDS Global is currently providing construction and maintenance for the DeKalb County PATH network of Pathway Trails, which includes over 100 miles of trails and bridges.

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IDS Global has been contracted to provide MS4 (Storm Sewer Municipal Separate Systems) for DeKalb County, which inspects over 6,100 structures and 999,500 feet of drains annually.

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IDS Global is the lead Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) firm for the SR 42 widening in McDonough, Georgia. IDS is leading the primarily Qualify Level B SUE services.

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